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Who is Omicron...

Omicron was established as a specialist in the creation of custom multi-material furnishings.

After years of serving architects and designers by constructing furnishings and accessories of different shapes and materials, and finding solutions to new problems every time, we are now at the center of a network of experts in different craft sectors: metalworking workshops and carpentry, artisanal joineries equipped with multi-axis automatic centers, suppliers of noble materials to the most technical polymers, glassmakers, stonecutters, and concrete specialists.

Omicron is the project manager who takes care of the realization of almost any idea that a pen can draw.

Customization and multidisciplinary of materials and work techniques are the two unique characteristics of our world.
We have never specialized in elements for a specific sector: the fortune of having collaborated with clients in very different contexts has made our creations useful for the most varied applications, from the set-up of showrooms and commercial spaces to private homes. Despite this, working continuously alongside well-known architects and interior designers expert in the Health & Care world, we have inevitably developed strong experience, still ongoing, in this world.
For many years, we have been the main production unit of some of the most well-known brands of complete interior furnishings for pharmacies and parapharmacies.


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Terracrea Deroma Group
Musei Della Conservazione
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Franco Poli
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Roberto Lazzeroni
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